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Book Review: Private India


First of all… An Introduction of Private India (Straightaway copied from

Private India is a thrilling suspense novel from two masters of the art: Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson.

Summary of the Book

When a series of seemingly unconnected murders rock the city of Mumbai with the macabre rituals and artefacts found around the corpses, Private India, a leading investigation agency takes the case. Santosh Wagh, the head of the organization, has only one mission. He needs to stop the killers before they strike again. However, in a city of over 13 million people, he finds that the clock is ticking too fast. He finds himself pitted against underworld dons and a Godman who isn't what he seems. However, the worst is yet to come and Private India itself may be threatened with a revelation that could destroy the entire organization.

About the Authors

Ashwin Sanghi is an Indian writer and entrepreneur. He has also written: Chanakya’s Chant and The Krishna Key. He is also known by his pseudonym: Shawn Haigins.

A graduate of the Yale School of Management and St. Xavier’s College, he has since been awarded several acclaims for his work. His second book has been optioned for a movie by UTV and is expected to begin production soon. He currently lives in Mumbai with his loving family.

James Patterson is a bestselling American writer. He is best known for Along Came a Spider, Jack & Jill, When the Wind Blows and Step on a Crack among over 100 others.

Now… My Original Thoughts

Anyone who knows me must be thinking what am I doing reading a murder mystery. To be honest, while signing up for the review, I was skeptical too. And when the courier person placed this book on my hands, thought of completing 400+ pages within a week (considering that I spend 9 hours in office and 2 hours in travelling per day) was kind of out of question for me. But the moment I started reading, I could not put it down. So here I am with an honest review but my disclaimer would be – This review is not meant for an avid reader of detective/thriller genre. This is for a reader like me who has never read a murder mystery before.

What I really liked?

Well, I am a person who believes in ‘What to expect when you are expecting a book’. I was anticipating a lot of falling bodies, detailed notes about the brutality with which murders were carried out, the killer instinct in the murdered etc. But to my surprise, there is an absence of gory which makes it likeable for a person like me.

I had a preconceived notion that detective stories do not talk of emotions and relationships but I was wrong. The inner turmoil of Santosh Wagh is portrayed very beautifully-how the worst memories of his life haunt his loneliness and how he fights his guilt and urge to drown himself in drinks. For that matter, every character’s life is sketched very interestingly. However, I was left wanting to know more about Hari.

I have not read other PRIVATE books so I am unable to pass a judgment on how good Private India is as an addition to the series but it is very Indian in every aspect whether it is intricate detailing of Mumbai city with all its buzz and famous and infamous characteristics, traditional rituals of Navratra or mention of real life events that have taken place in our country. In every way, the story is 100% Indian.

The story is fast paced and at no point would you like to stop reading. It’s like watching a movie.

What I didn’t like

At many points I was reminded of the Indian series CID specifically when Jack and Santosh reach to save Nisha just as the killer was about to kill her. These kind of coincidence takes it closer to Bollywood masala movies which I honestly don’t look for in a murder mystery fiction.

So my verdict…

Would be if you really want to expand your horizon of genres, do give it a try. The language is really simple, it’s an easy read and the story will keep you engrossed as it unfolds. If you like it you’re most welcome If you don’t you would get to know that within reading 1-2 chapters. In that case, please don’t curse me, look around and you would find many friends who would like to refund your money. Jokes apart, I already have 4 friends who have asked me for the book. Ashwin Sanghi… I did not know you are so much in demand.


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